Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Space lizard Woman textured and rigged

I finished texturing her and rigged her for the pose. This model is lower poly than the model I posted before. It has a normal map of the higher poly model from Autodesk Mudbox.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Space lizard Woman

Here is a model I did in 3ds Max and Mudbox. She is a practice model to see if I could put muscles and detail using Mudbox. I never taken a class on Zbrush in The New England Institute of Art, so I do not know how to used it. I used Mudbox because the interface looks easy. This is my first time to use Mudbox like this, I usually just used the program to make mountains and a cartoon eel monster that is in this blog and in my website.

Roman buildings

Here are some Roman ancient buildings I modeled to show that I can model some ancient buildings. I used Google to try to find what they look like but most gave me modern architecture with roman influence or old ruins. I found what I was looking for which is pictures of Roman buildings depicted as before it was in ruins but the image was small to it was hard to make out the details. There will be more landscape and architecture in the future from big at home projects I am working on.