Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Space Bikini Lizard

I am making a 1 minutes short while I am working on the "Kid's Inner Demons" Episode 1. I hope to make the episode really good. I plan to voice the characters, make music with Linux MultiMedia Studios and have it be 3 minutes long. Right now I am still modeling and while I am doing that I wanted to make a short with this lizard model since I still have no shorts of her.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Kid's Inner Demons

Here is Episode 0 of "Kid's Inner Demons", a series of short I want to do. It will be in 3d unless it does not work out, it will be in 2d.

This past year I was in an internship and my first freelance job with Part12 Studios and the "World Fastest Drummer" creator. I helped make some art for "Sluggo" and the made all the art in the "World Fastest Drummer" game app for the iPhone and the Android. Recently I made the Will the World Fastest Drummer short for the internet game.