Friday, November 21, 2014

I am working on a new short, which will be 30 second short. The reason why for a very short video is because I feel I do not need to make a complex story that is over a minute long when I can make a nice simple story that shows of the animation well. Then when I am done I will work on my next short of a adult model show model complex model and animation with a simple story. This I can advance my skill faster that spending to much time on one short.

As you know I am a 2D/3D animator, I change my title to 2D/3D character artist and animator because I needed to make it clear to those who want to hire know who I am. Just 2D/3D animator was too vague and it could mean anything like vehicle animator, robot animator, monster animator, special effect or graphic animator. Even though I enjoy doing those kinds of things, my passion and strongest skill is 2D/3D character artist and animator.

I believe my last title and portfolio was the reason why I did not get hire from studios, they were most likely put off of my confusing title/portfolio. I fixed my portfolio to show only character art. All other art that is environmental and monster art will only be shown in this art blog.

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